What I Can Do For You

Fiduciaries are entrusted with either the care of an individual, or their property, or both. Fiduciaries have been around since the Middle Ages, when landowners went off to fight in the Crusades and left their estates to someone they trusted. Trust is the key word. You must be able to trust your fiduciary. This is where I can help you—I have been a professional fiduciary for 30 years with a proven track record of trustworthiness, integrity and straight dealing. I can provide references who will vouch for these qualities. You will find that I talk to people in a knowledgeable, straightforward manner, without pretense or an inflated sense of self-importance.

An unfortunate aspect of fiduciary life is dealing with conflict. Families are often in disagreement over healthcare guidelines, management practices, and money. When a fiduciary takes over an estate, those conflicts end up in his or her lap. I have learned over the years the importance of being impartial. When I act as trustee, I assume all sides have legitimate concerns and valid input, and I make every effort to listen to all interested parties and to consider all facts before I make a decision.

You also want to know that your fiduciary has the skills necessary to manage your affairs. In the last 30 years, I have been appointed in over 30,000 bankruptcy cases, many receiverships, and acted as probate administrator. Since obtaining my professional fiduciary license in 2018, I have been appointed as trustee for several trusts, and as a guardian. I have sold close to 100 pieces of real property in my career and in the process gained detailed knowledge of real estate practices, including how to get the best prices in a given market. I have also managed many types of real estate, including rentals, farms, orchards, dairies, and processing plants.

I have a strong working knowledge of the law and how to maneuver within the legal system to accomplish the estate’s business, including the settlement of disputes. And what I don’t know, my team of professionals does. I have assembled a strong team of experienced lawyers, accountants, realtors, and investors who work closely with me and bring critical skills to each case I work on. These individuals are the top people in their respective fields with proven track records of getting things done in a cost-effective and professional manner. A big part of my success as a fiduciary is the excellent team I have assembled.

Please feel free to call me my office (831-316-7619) if you would like to talk about your particular situation.