These sources were consulted:

Original Documents & Site Reconnaissance:

San Francisco Public Library, Historical Section: Alta California newspaper microfilm from 1850s and 1860s; Old San Francisco city maps; S.F. - Peninsula train route maps.

In the basement of the Bank of California building (which became the Union Bank of California, then just Union Bank) on Sansome and California Streets in San Francisco, a William Ralston museum is maintained, including many photographs and artifacts from the Ralston era. These photographs show the employees and some details of the bank building itself, which was destroyed by fire in the 1906 earthquake.

Starting on Mission Street in San Francisco, drive west, then southwest until Mission becomes the Old County Road flanking the San Bruno Mountains, and this eventually feeds into El Camino Real on the peninsula and continues south. This is the route that Ralston took when racing the trains from San Francisco to his home in Belmont.

Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley: William Ralston correspondence; Report of the Commissioners ... in Regard to the Sutro Tunnel, referenced below, from which I used direct testimony given by both Sutro and the witnesses.

University of Nevada, Reno: Comstock Lode and Virginia City Maps and geology.

I made two trips to Virginia City where I inspected Piper's Opera House, the original Bank of California branch office of William Sharon, St. Mary's in the Mountains, and took a tour of the Savage Mine. Heading east out of Virginia City on what is now called Highway 79, one travels down the eastern face of Mt. Davidson and, at the eastern edge of town, the road becomes the old Six Mile Road. This is the same road traversed by Adolph Sutro from his home in Dayton, and also referenced several times in the text, including Ch. 12. The scenery hasn't changed much in the last 160 years (one suspects) and driving the road gives one a good feel for what travelers saw as they approached the Comstock Lode.


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