B.S. 1979, San Diego State University

M.S. 1984, Stanford University

Fiduciary Coursework, 2017, U.C. Riverside


Feb. 1989 to present: Panel of trustees for the Eastern District of California Bankruptcy Court; Receiver in various superior court actions; Probate Administrator. Management of assets for chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy estates, including real property (income and agricultural); on-going business operations; liquidation of real and personal property; estate litigation. I estimate that I have been appointed in over 35,000 chapter 7 cases to date. Receivership and Probate cases include management of income real property and business operations.

1979 - 1988: Geophysicist with Texaco, Inc. (Los Angeles) and Natural Gas Corp. (San Francisco); oil and gas exploration using seismic techniques, primarily in California with some exposure to Rocky Mountains and Gulf Coast.


Operation and management of small and large agricultural concerns, including numerous almond orchards (up to 800 acres), 1,000-acre cattle ranch, grape vineyards, wineries, almond processing plants, and several dairies.

asset management

Management of real property, including residential rental, commercial, and agricultural. Businesses managed and operated include restaurants, manufacturing plants, a pharmacy, and auto dealerships.


Frequently involved in both federal and state court litigation as estate trustee, including fraudulent conveyances, preferences, contractor & subcontractor claims, labor claims, bad-faith insurance, personal injury, agricultural disputes, and probate claims. These claims arise from a review of financial records, including bank statements, balance sheets, income statements, and real estate chain of title. Participant in dozens of mediations and settlement conferences. Although not an attorney, I have a well-developed working knowledge of the law and frequently file my own pleadings in simple matters in order to preserve estate resources.

oil & gas

Although no longer a practicing geophysicist, I have 10 years of experience in oil and gas exploration, working for Texaco, Inc. and Natural Gas Corp., using seismic techniques to explore for oil and gas in California, both on-shore and off; some experience in Rocky Mountains and Gulf Coast.

Professional Designations

Professional Fiduciary License, State of California, Lic. No. 1052

Member, National Guardianship Association

Member, Professional Fiduciary Association

Panel of Chapter 7 & 11 Trustees for the Eastern District of California Bankruptcy Court (since 1989)

Former member National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees, California Receiver Forum